FdV Courses

In total, FdV students must complete 300 hours of training during the three years of the PhD studies.

In keeping with the spirit of the FdV program, the required courses are designed to develop the transversal  skills necessary for the research world. While we strongly recommend that all students take the courses above, we understand that in some cases students have already completed similar trainings or have found alternative means to develop the particular skills. In this case, students should contact the FdV staff customize their curriculum plan.

Students must register for each course they wish to take, including the required courses, on Google Classroom using their email address and the Google Classroom Registration code.

Required FdV courses and workshops

Students must register for each course they wish to take, including the required courses, on Google Classroom using their email address and the Google Classroom Registration code. Google Classroom Registration is not required for the Creating Interdisciplinary Research Projects workshop.

Year 1 Courses Registration Code
Creating Interdisciplinary Research Projects Automatic registration for 1st year students
Interdisciplinary Thursdays Automatic registration for 1st year students
Critical Analysis of Research Articles ccwkhi
Oral communication and public speaking, choose one:
General Public Speaking kvclyu1
Engaging presentations for scientific and general audiences omsesi


Year 2 courses Registration Code
Written scientific communication, choose one:
Scientific Writing fxmtix
Popular science communication for researchers sfyvybe
FdV/AIV Thematic Workshops Automatic registration for 2nd year students


Year 3 courses Registration Code
Well-being, integrity, and responsibility in research, choose one:
 Managing scientific collaborations: Integrity, negotiation and conflict mzly8
Best DOC: Well-being, health, and work for the doctorate nch0qp
Responsibility in research and entrepreneurship 04v1ga3

FdV courses and workshops “à la carte”

FdV offers a number of technical, teaching and transversal skills courses. Many of the following courses require a minimum number of registered students to be held. Registration numbers will be evaluated based on the number of students enrolled on Google Classroom. If the minimum number of students is not met, the course may be canceled.

Technical and teaching courses Registration Code
Beyond scientific thinking h2fu00z
Data Science and Visualization zj1nzw9
Educational outreach through theatrical performances about scientific research 4pkobu
 Introduction to machine learning k2e88nq
Introduction to mentoring bachelor students: Reproduce and enhance an experiment of your PhD project i7rlp7v
Introduction to optical imaging and image analysis 1fl5egr
Life Science of Naruto?! 28ke3up
One Week Immersion into Python Programming for Scientists Register here
Sense about Science: The role of evidence and science in society n3cww
Serious games to teach and do research oyrzgj2
Basic principles of cancer cell biology: Present, future directions and potential applications 0ansvor
Whole cell modeling ddqwh8


Transversal courses Registration Code
The Value of Science fa78pyx
Figures for Presentations and Publications 1idl7og
Frantastique : Online courses fpndo5
Gymlish: Online course pivxe5g
Time Management, Priorities and Personal Organization  9y5u91j
Transforming and leveraging your scientific skills for an efficient job search  lx1tkz

Naturalist & Scientific Illustration


FdV courses are also open to students from other Doctoral Programs. Interested students should send an email to the scientific coordinator, Maria Molina-Calavita, at indicating their current doctoral school and motivation.

Language: English unless all the participants are French speakers.

Location: Courses are held at the Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI), on the 20th or 21st floor of Tour Montparnasse: 33 Avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris. Students must enter through the guest entrance on Avenue du Maine, pass through security, and obtain a guest badge from the welcome desk before proceeding to the elevator the services the 20th and 21st floors. Proper identification is required.