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Visio/Retro Talk club

Visio/Retro Talk club

The idea of visionary talks is for researchers to share the vision of their field in the next 20 years or so: how our current knowledge and potential new discoveries could orient future research, what new questions might be asked that we cannot ask today? In a certain way, these questions represent the unawareness of our own ignorance, because we haven’t yet reached the knowledge that would allow us ask them. However, it’s the ability to foresee these new directions that make breakthroughs possible, and our visionary speakers might give us a glimpse of what future science could look like, as well as ponder about the consequences of current research.

We believe that this type of talk is interesting for a large audience. Indeed, students from bachelor to PhD could benefit from these talks and get a perspective of different fields. This could help them in their professional choices.

We also believe that it might be a good exercise for researchers themselves to imagine the impact of current research. Finally, we hope that such talk would be accessible to a broad public, and contribute to the outreach of the CRI.

The output of the club is the organization of the conferences, and sharing the videos and/or presentations whenever it’s possible in open-access.

Organization team : Aleksandra Nivina, Flora Vincent, Jean Cury, Quentin Marcou and Akpéli Nordor, your devoted FdV PhD students!