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Adventure Club

Adventure Club

Fun, Sweat and Adventurous Sports !

If you want to have the opportunity to practice unusual sports and you are keen for adventure then this club should be perfect for you !
In this club you will have the occasion to have access to a sports room in Montparnasse, go on retreats and try a new sport once a month alongside getting to know other people in the CRI !

Meetings: Announced on the Facebook page
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Building a network of Biomedical Students and researchers.

Contact : Siteweb, Facebook

Biostatistics Club

The place where people self-train in bio-statistics together.

The bio-statistics club is born out of the will of two AIV M2 students: to develop a knowledge of the statistics tools used in biology that is not limited to applying black-box formulas but that is rather built on a deep understanding of the mathematical reasoning behind this formulas.

To this end, we will first go together through a statistics book, and apply what we learn to some examples (because we believe that we learn best by practice). In a second time, we will decide on a bigger project to work on and try to tackle it using the tools previously discovered.

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Brewing beer with the freedom to add any ingredient imaginable

Brewing beer is a complicated, and even difficult process. It requires numerous “soft” skills to make a recipe idea an reality. It is also fun, which is a great motivation tool for members to hone their organisational and technical skills. Members get to decide how involved they wish to be; They can simply brew existing recipes or design their own.

Club Philo

A lab experiment to explore different forms of philosophical dialogue.

The “club philo” is a community of people interested in philosophical inquiry through the practice of dialogue in a democratic framework. This framework includes in particular the principle of rotation in roles and a sharing circle at the end of each session.This club is open to all, without the necessity of philosophical knowledge requirement, considering that philosophy is learned by and through the experience of the community of inquiry.


CRI For All

Promoting innovative pedagogies for the empowerement of sensible communities.

The CRI4ALL club is interested in promoting innovations produced by the CRI in the field of pedagogy. In the process we want to create a dialogue with different communities about their local pedagogical approach and to learn from their experiences.

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Discover virtual worlds with concrete ideas.

Every week, people who want to discover the VR will be free to play and try the device/games to better know what is virtual reality.
Plus, we will organize some activities that will be scheduled in advance so people on the mailing list will be informed on what will happen the following weeks.
We will also have a team focused on precises projects.

Do It Green

Do It Green

Paving the way for an ecological transition at CRI.

Do It Green is the opportunity to take the CRI on a more sustainable path. We have lots of resources, a huge network, and nice ambitions in the CRI, coupled with a great momentum for change. We’ll try to raise awareness on sustainability issues, to organize fun activities, to bring other associations & clubs in our projects. It’s also a great opportunity to bring people together onto one subject that is truly transdisciplinary, and involves everyone.



Promoting the use and creation of serious games.

Enigma is a student club that has chosen to focus on developing activities around the game and its creation, learning and awareness. It offers spaces of creativity where different disciplines, problems, experiences and personalities are mixed in order to create links between individuals around the game. If Enigma allows heteroclyte actors to meet each other, it is also to share skills and develop the knowledge of participants in events on different themes or game creation techniques. Thus, this club wants to offer a different perspective on the creative process of game creation that aims to be inclusive and educational through creative activities such as game jams or simply games evenings to discover and have fun.

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A place open to anyone willing to tinker with stuffs, built projects involving modern tools and make things happen.

Fabelier is a hakerspace to give rise to projects using power-tools, laser cutting, 3D printing, electronics, web development (or any other resources we haven’t thought about yet) promoting DIY and open source ideas.

It is a place open to everyone who wants to tinker with stuffs, built projects and make things happen !!

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Open Science School

Open Science School is a student association that aims at developing new and creative tools for learning science, especially synthetic biology through course co-development with high school teachers, cheap laboratory hardware, kits to make experiments, conferences, workshops. Probably the coolest thing about OSS is that it can create the place for biohackers, teachers, artists, students, and engineers to meet around this common goal.



​Putting science at the heart of society!

​Scalp is an organization founded in 2015 which brings together young researchers in cognitive science. This organization offers opportunities to bridge the gap between cognitive scientific research and the society at large.

Scalp! is currently focusing on three experimental projects. These projects aim to open discussions about an educational project which targets teachers through training and very young students
through activities, a reinsertion project lead by pedagogical practices with prisoners, and a project on the transmission of the scientific method directed towards everyday citizens. Scalp! also organizes occasional conferences, roundtables and workshops concerning societal issues.

script club


Providing students with the tools to create audiovisual content.

This club allows for students to learn and create audiovisual content. A place for them to share their ideas and participate in plural collaborative projects. The club is articulated around 3 main projects : ( Horror film in the CRI/ youtube tutorial Chanel about biology laboratory methods / CRI radio ). Three projects around which students will be able to improve and learn most of the moviemaking linked competences.

Tomorrow's Pedagogy

Tomorrow’s Pedagogy aims to explore pedagogy — practically, theoretically, and in a context-sensitive manner — in order to determine which resources and methods can be helpful in transforming today’s problems into tomorrow’s solutions.

In brief, Tomorrow’s Pedagogy (formerly Critical Pedagogy Club and Pedagogy Club) aims to explore pedagogy both practically and theoretically. We envision the practical exploration happening by visiting learning environments around Paris (schools & such) and conducting innovation analyses (is it happening? if so, how? if not, why? etc. etc.) in order to map problems/solutions in a context-sensitive manner (i.e. accounting for a learner’s age/subject/region/level of education/etc.). For the theoretical exploration, we propose to read various pedagogical works and map the skills, methods, and competencies that these theories emphasize in order to find learning environments where specific pedagogical methods may be useful.

Logo Wax


Our two missions are to promote science, and gender diversity in science by creating and disseminating innovative tools with an offbeat tone. Besides animating a french collaborative online platform (, we conduct workshops in school, companies, labs; we create massive campaigns to raise awareness across a very broad public and show what science really means to us: creative, fun, useful, beautiful!

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