CRI & Tsinghua Summer School in Shenzhen

CRI & Tsinghua Summer School in Shenzhen

By In News On August 4, 2015


CRI and Tsinghua University (the top 1 Chinese University) are building a strategic collaboration to co-explore and co-develop the future of education. We are working on the formal launching of our joint Open FIESTA center at Tsinghua Graduate School at Shenzhen as the prototype of University 2.0.
Luping Xu and his collegues at Tsinghua University are inviting CRI collaborators, students and teachers to visit the Tsinghua graduate school at Shenzhen  and participate the Open FIESTA Summer Camp during the 7th – 12th of August 2015.

The goal of the Summer Camp is to brainstorm on the missions and build concrete plans for the joint program Open FIESTA.

Tsinghua campus in Shenzhen

Specifically, we are going to:

(1) discuss about how to build the joint working team between Tsinghua and CRI and how to extend Open FIESTA into a real global network for open innovation;
(2) organize a workshop to design and plan for the two joint master programs that Tsinghua and CRI are launching for 2016: the “Interdisciplinary Life Science” and the “Internet+innovative design” master programs (which are the cornerstones for Open FIESTA center now);
(3) organize a workshop on the development of next generation digital tools or platforms that will help the realization of international and innovative programs such as Open FIESTA;
(4) Visit great companies such as BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute, the world no.1 sequencing company), Tencent (the top 1 Chinese Internet Company), Seeedstudio (The Top 1 Chinese MakerSpace), A8, etc that are going to collaborate with Open FIESTA, visit Shenzhen City officials, and make tour of this “City of Makers” of China;
(5) discuss and plan for the global Open Assembly Summit 2016 at Shenzhen;
(6) last but not least, participate and witness the formal launching of the Center of Open FIESTA.