CRI gamelab invites you to FOSDEM 2017

CRI gamelab invites you to FOSDEM 2017

By In gamelab, home-events On January 10, 2017

The CRI gamelab invites you to FOSDEM 2017. We prepared along researchers at the CRI a dev room meaning a full day of conference on open source for the past few month.

FOSDEM is a fun and exciting and conference all about open source. It attracts thousands of developers over a weekend at a university campus in Brussels. Subjects range from operating systems to databases to web development to security to big data. FOSDEM takes its ethics seriously – its completely free and non-commercial itself.

09:00 Computer games – not as easy as it looks – Steven Goodwin
09:30 Rapid prototyping of a backend for a geolocation-based mobile game with OpenResty, Redis and Docker – Alexander Gladysh
10:00 WebCam based games – Aurelijus Banelis
10:30 Living Orb – Jonathan Giroux
11:00 0xFF (Drawing games for a DIY console) – Makapuf
11:30 openEMSstim (open-source muscle stimulation for interactive experiences & games) – Pedro Lopes
12:00 Drawing based game design – Roman Miletitch
12:30 GPL’s multimedia assets – Guus Sliepen
13:00 Can open source open minds? (Lessons learned making games about diversity for the IncLudo project) – Jesse Himmelstein
13:30 Presentation of Hellink, an educational game about Open Data (Creating a “real” game to raise awareness among students) – Thomas Planques
14:00 Tablexia (Cognitive Training for Children with Dyslexia) – Andrea Sichova
14:30 Hero.Coli, learning synthetic biology by playing: an update (Open Source, Open Data, Open Science) – Raphael Goujet
15:00 Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (interactive visual programming) – Jens Mönig
15:30 Polymorph (a libre game engine based on Ogre3D and Puredata) – François Zajéga
16:00 Creating a game with Monogame and other open source software – Garry Williams
16:30 Escoria, a libre point’n’click framework using Godot Engine (“Oh, it looks just like SCUMM!” — Tim Schafer) – Rémi Verschelde


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