ClaSs 2018: JukeBox

ClaSs 2018: JukeBox

By In SummerSchool On July 24, 2018

This project is a project that projects to do a thing so it makes other things cool. This is the project. We love this project because there is no other way do to love anything more. This is a simple version of a project and it face a big problem. We made this project to help people who need this project to do what they need to do.






There will be differents sections and we start with the problematic.So i want to say, that life is very interesting, especially when i get to know the distance between time and space. Here i should write a lot of information, like, a lot where i just describe my project problematics, and why the world is so great and so bad at the same time. Life is life, lala la lala.


Hello My name is Uh, My name is Han, My name is, the real slim shady. Indeed, here you become, you exist for a million seconds and define what you made, you describe your invention, your work, your device, your game, your installation, your existence, the actual concretion of matter that made your thing what it is.


Of course, of course, nothing was easy, you had to struggle, with life and with yourself, but also with other, and with the temperature of the room. Everything was pushing against you but you made it, you became a human being, and your made a project. Didn’t you? Tell here all the challenges that you had to face.


Learning is Burning