ClaSs 2018: Good Vibes Only

ClaSs 2018: Good Vibes Only

By In SummerSchool On July 24, 2018

Metaphorical representation of depression experience in order to raise awareness of this mental illness.

Our video game is a solo 2D Action Adventure Puzzle game that isn’t focus on the gameplay but on the narrative experience. Embody someone who suffers from depression without knowing it formally to break stereotypes and give a better understanding of what it’s like to live with one of the most common mental health issues today.

Through a very simple gameplay, we hope to bring and emotional story offering a voice to those who have none.

Game ID :

  • Solo Player
  • Action, Adventure, Puzzle Game
  • Controls : Mouse and Direcional Arrow
  • 2D, Side Scrolling
  • Based on Storytelling : play an adventure where you can’t lose
  • For all public, specially close to people suffuring from depression
  • According to DSM 5 criteria : Major Depressive Disorder


Laure Dosdat

Game Designer

Thomas Huppé

Game Programmer

Annabelle Labonne

Project Coordinator


Clinical view

World health organization estimates depressive disorders as the leading factor in global morbidity and disability. In France, nearly one in five people have suffered or will suffer from depression during their lifetime. A depression isn’t just a feeling of severe sadness. It affects brain’s operation and distort our everyday perception and interpretation of reality.

Our Story

Alex wakes up in a black and white lunar desert, uninhabited and quite unfriendly.
You have to guide him/her through a tough environment and avoid many traps in the shadows.
You’ll have to deal with several symptoms of depression like emptiness, sadness, loneliness, fatigue, in a metaphorical way.