ClaSs 2018: Bioreactor Fantasy

By In SummerSchool On July 24, 2018

Bioreactor fantasy is an art & science installation inviting the public to the interactive experience Algea-selfie: “Let’s make your portrait in algea!”

The Bioreactor Fantasy project is involved in the CRI collaborative research for an art installation based on a bioreactor presented for Nuit Blanche 2018





Micro-algae production could be a possible alternative to petrol as a biofuel but its global and productive use still has lots of challenge to deal with and to make this potential be a reality. One of them is to change of paradigm: sciences research has to change its behavior towards nature by trying to understand it and not force it.


Each time we interact with something or someone we don’t know, we learn about it or him/her and about ourselves.

The model of the complexity of the human nature and communication can help us to provide a different look at the environment resources to alternative energies and can help sciences to reconsider its relationship with the objet of its research. Because algea don’t grows with logic but live, react and respond as complex as human cultures and identities, the Bioreactor fantasy project focuses on interactions between a bioreactor and audience.


This experience made me discover environments far from my practice as a video artist: scientific research, electronic/coding world… My main challenge was to find a way to define and manage an artistic interactive project suited to concrete sustainable development goals. I lead this project alone without coding skills so a relevant part of the project was handled by my mentor Charles Fosseprez. This art & science installation is still a work in progress experience.