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Creativity, why and how ? Interview with Sir Ken Robinson & François Taddei.

Misconceptions, components of creativity. Goals for education, science and creativity [...]

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First iGAM4ER competition : the best scientific discovery games !

On December 14-15th 2013 took place the Final of the International Game Competition for Education and Research (iGam4ER) in Paris[...]

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iGEM Paris Bettencourt 2013 world champion of iGEM competition at MIT Boston

Our team iGEM Paris Bettencourt is World Champion 2013 of the synthetic biology iGEM competition organized by MIT in Boston ![...]

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WAX @ the Women’s Forum 2013

WAX Science, has been invited to speak at a round table of the Women's Forum 9th Global Edition, on the subject "Listening to youngsters' expertise brings results ".[...]

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