Artificial Intelligence for Inclusive Education hackathon


Artificial intelligence for inclusive education hackathon

11 May 6 pm -13 May 6 pm

CRI – 33 avenue du Maine – Paris

Why this hackathon?

United Nations - 1948

Art 26.1 – Everyone has the right to education.

Everyone has the right to education, but that right is too often challenged: by restricted access to knowledge or learning environment; by social stigma; by the lack of specific training of education professional in face of inclusion problematics; by unsuitable materials designed with a fictional perfectly average individual in mind.

The aim of this event is to support existing initiatives for inclusive education, and create new ones, using artificial intelligence methods that are empowering us to find, transform and analyse information in new or more efficient ways.

Artificial intelligence

Ability of machines to performs tasks usually associated to intelligent beings, in particular tasks linked to problems for which the solution cannot be written as a sequence of clear algorithmic instructions.


The means, processes and results of the development of physical, intellectual and moral abilities.


Commitment to treat all individuals fairly and equally, independently of their identity (religious, gender, racial, cultural, sexual, …) and capabilities (disabilities, access to transportation or the Internet, …).

Who can participate

Artificial intelligence programmers/students

Teachers, mentors, and other education professionals/students

Inclusion, insertion and inclusivity professionals/students



Anyone wishing for a more inclusive education!

What is going to happen?

Preselected challenges

We are selecting challenges with impact and goals achievable over the weekend. See below for a list of the projects. All the challenges will be presented by their project leader at the beginning of the weekend so you can pick one.


Friday evening will be about discovering the challenges and splitting up in teams.

Each challenge will have its project leader: the person who proposed the challenge and will ensure the work of the weekend is capitalised on afterwards. They will also have an idea of the skills most needed for their challenge. But they are not the boss! Once the team is formed, everyone is on an equal footing for the weekend.

You will have time to chat with the other participants and project leaders, to find a team that shares your expectations for the weekend.

Inclusive event

We are trying to make this event as inclusive as possible. See Where & When and Accessibility section for more information. Get in touch if you feel we are missing something to make the hackathon accessible and safe for you.

Creation and prototyping

Saturday and Sunday morning will be about brainstorming, prototyping, coding, sketching, testing, … What matters is not to actually meet the goals of the challenge, but to move the project forward, learn and enjoy yourself.

For some it will be planning out a mobile app, for others running a machine learning algorithm, gathering resources for a database, or maybe hacking a chatbot into a learning guide.

Mentors and other resources

Project leaders should provide the data needed for their challenge. If some challenges need special resources, like access to a fablab or a specific software, we will arrange for it in advance with the project leader.

In addition to this, to help you during the weekend, several mentors will be present, from the various fields tackled by the challenges. If you feel stuck or need the advice from an expert, they will be the go-to persons!


Sunday afternoon, the time to share your progress over the weekend. No pressure! This is not a competition: you are the one to decide if your are happy with your work, as an individual and as a team. So share your successes and faillures and celebrate the weekend creation process!

No matter how many goals you met, the project leader of your challenge will most certainly go home with much to work on! Depending on the challenge, they might offer you some concrete token of recognition, an Open Badge or a letter of participation for example.

Projects and mentors


A tool to share learning contents with precise qualification in a global learning network

Emotional adaptative e-learning

Detect emotions in online learning and design the response of the learning platform to emotions

Chatbot for teachers collaboration in specialised education

A chatbot to gather, compile, and share pieces of advice from special education needs teachers on the inclusion of disabled pupils


Voice recognition and exercice recommendation for children oralisation orthophonic training

Class notebook for Ava

Gather voice transcription texts from Ava captioning app into class notes that can be shared

Cognitive learning assistant

A co-sponsored project by Mooky and All-in, this challenge is to build a GoogleHome learning assistant to provide personalised guidance, support and feedback.

Adaptative formatting for dys- in e-learning

Detect learning disabilities from exchanges and format e-learning content to fit the user on the Skillogs platform

International education

Use context to power up translation in e-learning for international exchanges


Projects leaders


Code of conduct

The CRI is commited for an inclusive society. All participants will be required to abide by our code of conduct.

Non-gendered bathrooms will be available at the venue.

Moving around

The main entrance, elevators and floor of the event are accessible to wheelchair and scooter users. The transit spaces will be delimited and participants will be asked not to station in them so everyone can move around freely.


The event is bilingual: all presentations will be translated in French and English and team leaders will indicate what languages they can work in.


All presentations will be captioned using the Ava app. The app will be available to deaf and hard-of-hearing participants during the event, to caption group discussions.

Eating and drinking

Vegetarian meals and snacks will be provided during the event. We will do our best to take into account special dietary needs specified at registration.

To keep the event safe for everyone, alcohol will not be permitted.

Quiet space

A dedicated quiet room will be present at the venue. You will find some bean bags there to rest.

We are not providing specific sleeping space on-site.

Car and house-pooling

We will facilitate carpooling and hosting by local participants in order to reduce the costs of participating in the event for people living outside Paris.


Children are welcome. The older ones will be able to join in on the fun by being part of a team. A day-care will be available for the younger ones during the day. Keep in mind that your children will remain under your responsability.



Friday, May 11th
6 pm


Sunday, May 13th - 6 pm

Metro station Montparnasse-Bienvenüe (lines 4, 6, 12 and 13).

Bus: 28, 58, 82, 88, 89, 91, 92, 94, 95 or 96

Train station Gare Montparnasse

Paid public car park under the Montparnasse Tower


If you see this Google Maps wasn't properly loaded. Please refresh your page 🙂

Access at the foot of the Montparnasse Tower,
on the Rue de l’Arrivée side. The event is taking place at the CRI, on the 20th floor.


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This work is funded through the French PIA IDEFI grant (ANR11 IDEFI 0023, Institut Innovant de Formation par la Recherche) and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 709443.

Code of conduct


  • Respect participants, their experiences and their points of view
  • Respect physical and emotional limits of people around you
  • Be mindful of the space you occupy, your privileges and your prejudices
  • Notify your conversation partner if they say something that hurts you.
  • Be supportive of people around you if they are being victims of harassment
  • Report harrassing or abusive behaviour to organisers, whether you were the victim or a witness
  • Respect the venue


  • Consume alcohol, cigarets or drugs on the venue
  • Make sexual comments or propositions, comment on the physical appearance of participants
  • Engage in non-consensual physical contact
  • Use racist, sexist, homophobe… words, no matter if it’s literal, as a joke or as an insult
  • Contest participants’ identity or choices (transphobia, biphobia, …)

All participants are required to abide by this code of conduct. We will not tolerate any form of harassment. Participants going against this code of conduct expose themselves to warnings and sanctions that may go up to expulsion of the venue without refund.


Registration fees are 10€, as a contribution to the costs of the event. The registration covers participation in the event and meals. It does not cover transportation or lodging, though you can apply for car-pooling and co-lodging in the registration form.

Your registration will not be taken into account if you do not complete the payment! If the fee is prohibitive for you, please contact us and we will find a solution.

If you are coming with children, please fill a form for each of them. You do not need to pay the registration fee for children under 12 y.o.