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Analysis of teacher forums

Analysis of teacher forums

By In Aiv Internship On June 25, 2019

Internship title: Analysis of teacher forums

Name: CRI
Affiliation: U P Descartes
Address: 8 bis rue Charles V
E-mail: ignacio.atal@cri-paris.org

LAB Director
Name: Ariel Lindner
Phone number: 0144412525
E-mail: ariel.lindner@cri-paris.org

Name: Ignacio Atal
Phone number: 0680189052
E-mail: ignacio.atal@cri-paris.org

Subject Keywords: education; teachers; networks; natural language processing
Tools and methodologies: network analysis
temporal dynamics
natural language processing
sentiment analysis
Summary of lab’s interests: Millions of teachers learn daily by experimenting teaching methods. However, they largely do so individually, isolated. To be effective, teachers need reflectiveness about the effects of their experimentations, build upon each other’s successes and failures, thus integrating into a community of “teacher-researchers”. Our lab aims at catalysing their collective intelligence to co-construct digital tools and communities that will empower their collective to ever-evolve the way they teach.
Project summary: Teachers’ collaboration (resource sharing, question/answers, etc) increasingly happens online in informal online communities of practice (Lantz-Andersson, Teaching and Teacher Education 2018). By analyzing when, why, what and how do teachers share, we could further understand how do teachers learn to become teachers, to co-design ecosystems to foster teachers’ learning.

We aim at analyzing the information shared by teachers in online forums, the underlying community properties of teachers interactions, and the temporal co-dynamics between information shared and communities. We will analyze the French speaking forum for primary school teachers: https://forums-enseignants-du-primaire.com/ including more than 3.9M posts from 150k users since 2003.
We will develop natural language methods specifically trained on teachers’ narratives to better comprehend unstructured information shared by teachers (e.g. word embeddings). We will conduct sentiment analysis and analyze the temporal dynamics of teachers’ sentiments throughout the academic year. We will analyze the temporal dynamics of communities underlying teachers’ sharing patterns in forum topics (e.g. Medvedev et al. arXiv 2018).
Interdisciplinary aspect of the project: Using analysis methods initially developed in other fields (NLP, temporal dynamics, network analysis) to help understanding teacher communities.