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Who are the AIRE students?

When we say that our students are coming from all around the world and from various backgrounds, these are not just empty words…

Here is a sample of testimonials of our students!

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I got introduced to CRI ecosystem via the STEAM school workshop in Mumbai. My motivation to join here? Interdisciplinarity, non-traditional & liberal approach to research! I couldn’t financially afford to leave my career and come to Paris, so I was fortunate to get a very generous scholarship from CRI!

My experience at CRI in a few points
– Aligned principles, values and goals
– international classmates with varied backgrounds
teachers – they are all approachable and available when any help is needed, including the founders of CRI! They are not just subject matter experts, but also encouraging and supportive to pursue diverse research interests, or apply novel pedagogical approaches. Not only they provide academic guidance, but also promote healthy work-life balance and advise on how to tackle challenges faced in our scientific careers!
school resources – great infrastructure and location in the city, nurturing learning environment, huge network of connections with like-minded, prestigious as well as creative organizations around the globe
community – that’s my favourite part because it’s collaborative, not competitive! The activities on campus – clubs, workshops, talks are all inclusive and allow new learning experiences and discussions.

My experiences with M2 courses
Highly relevant to the current academic needs and skills needed to do high quality, ethical research, they encourage academic improvement based on feedbacks rather than grades, and motivate peer-to-peer learning over top-down teaching approach. Also all in English, so absolutely no language barrier in the entire coursework!

What did I achieve in my year here?
My internships gave me the opportunity to learn new skills, create my network, experience different scientific environments, explore different interests, look for new future career opportunities. Throughout the courses, I learnt to critically analyze and review scientific work, helped to develop a scientific mindset that can allow me pursue my research interests independently, helped improve my technical skills as well as soft skills needed to be successful professionals in our careers. Through my network, I developed curiousity and interest in various subjects I never studied before, strengthened my belief in interdisciplinary collaboration – not just within life sciences researchers but also the power of working with technologists, educators, artists, mathematicians, historians, social scientists etc.

I identify myself to be a Generalist, and believe I can grow and thrive in an environment like CRI. Also I think Paris is a great city – very lively, safe, with global population, most of the times people are helpful and speak English, I’ve got rich experiences and amazing communities for all of my interests and hobbies! It also has resources in a wide economic range, so one can find most of the resources as per their financial capacities.

To conclude, I highly recommend the AIRE-LiSc course of CRI and especially the people! Proud to be a CRI-tudiant! 🙂

Forum - AIRE LiSc M2 student 2018-2019

“I would suggest this Master to all students who have too many interests, who are misfits in the normal Master courses you find which focus on only one field” Shubham, INDIA

“Our students have great ideas, big ideas, and they’re very focused in getting it out there” Albin, US

“Here you have complete freedom, you can choose the area you want to study from biology to physics” Yasya, Ukraine

“You can explore different career paths and different research fields and refine your research interests” Teja, India

“It’s the first time that I have the feeling that I am part of a scientific community” Hanifa, France

“It is really great to open your horizon and to meet a lot of new friends” Jérémie-Luc, France

“When bringing an expert in each field and putting them together, everyone becomes a beginner and teacher at the same time” Rose, Canada

The CRI spirit is about being open and helping each other. It’s a community of free speakers who want to see changes in our society and education. Everyday at CRI is challenging, and I love challenges. This is the way I am most productive and critically thinking about the topic.
My fellow classmates are the most wonderful people from around the world, I have learnt more through group activities that I have done so far with them.

Naina Goel – AIRE-AIV M2 student 2018-2019

The CRI provided me with a stimulating environment, and more original discussions than in classical academical tracks. Putting emphasis on internships during the M2 allowed me to explore three distant fields… and I did my PhD in yet another one! I would highly recommend the AIV Master, especially to anyone wishing to keep wide views on biological research!

Thomas Chartier – AIV M2 student 2012-2013

The CRI is an exceptional institution which provides a stimulating atmosphere for open discussion and creative thinking. The academic program is organized in such a way to be entertaining yet challenging. The CRI encourages self-expression and raising questions.

I enjoyed having great visionaries as teachers and brilliant classmates that constantly introduced me to new research areas and whose enthusiasm kept reminding me what I love about science and research. It also made me realize the current important facets of the research world and what it means to be a researcher.

Most importantly, here I got to realize the skill sets that I was missing and I had the push to adopt and learn the art of self-education. The skill that I developed at CRI and cherish the most is being independent. Before this program, my main platform for learning something was the classroom; but now I have become confident in my ability to teach myself something new and in finding the right resources to do so. I am grateful for the transformations I experienced here.

Bilen Regassa – AIV M2 student 2016-2017

The AIV master is in my opinion masterpiece. Not only it creates strong and durable bonds among its students, it also provides an incredible amount of opportunities through its environment. The quality of the teachers, the classes, the masterclasses, and the workshops, is overwhelming. I am also stunned by the level of human and scientific development that it results in for every students. The extraordinary diversity of knowledge and skills that the students develop is amazing.

These two last years were the best of my life and I will only keep superb memories of it.

I learned so much through the classes, the internships, and from my peers, all of that while being delighted to work and to come for the classes every time, I now realize with a bit of melancholy that it is over. However, I know that I will keep benefiting from the experience I had and the people I met during this time.

I owe my PhD position to two alumni who persuaded me to apply to the Francis Crick Institute when I still didn’t know the place existed, as well as the iGEM team and the master for making me the person I am today thanks to all this opportunities.

Clovis Basier – AIV student 2015-2017