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The AIRE Master is an official partner of Curie Institute for the course “Computational Systems Biology
of Cancer: Single Cell Analysis” which will be held on 23-28 September. More info on https://training.institut-curie.org/courses/sysbiocancer2019.

The AIRE Master is proud to announce its March Masterclass with George Church, one of the founding fathers of Synthetic Biology.
George M. Church, PhD ’84, is professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, a founding member of the Wyss Institute, and director of PersonalGenomes.org, the world’s only open-access information on human genomic, environmental, and trait data. Church is known for pioneering the fields of personal genomics and synthetic biology. He developed the first methods for the first genome sequence & dramatic cost reductions since then (down from $3 billion to $600), contributing to nearly all “next generation sequencing” methods and companies. His team invented CRISPR for human stem cell genome editing and other synthetic biology technologies and applications – including new ways to create organs for transplantation, gene therapies for aging reversal, and gene drives to eliminate Lyme Disease and Malaria. Church is director of IARPA & NIH BRAIN Projects and National Institutes of Health Center for Excellence in Genomic Science. He has coauthored 450 papers, 105 patents, and one book, “Regenesis”. His honors include Franklin Bower Laureate for Achievement in Science, the Time 100, and election to the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering. . More info

The AIRE-AIV Master is glad to host Lee Dugatkin, Professor and University Scholar in the Department of Biology at The University of Louisville. His main areas of research interest are the evolution of social behavior and the history of science. His is the author of several books (popular and scientific), among which the outstanding “How to tame a fox (and build a dog)”. More info

The AIRE-AIV Master presents its first 2019 Masterclass! Our speaker for the day will be Beverley Glover, Professor of Plant Systematics and Evolution in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge, and Director of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. The main interest of her research group is the evolution and development of floral features which attract pollinating animals. She is keen to approach questions of floral evolution in an integrative way, combining molecular genetic approaches to understand floral development with functional analyses using bumblebees and other pollinators. More info

The AIRE Master announces the last 2018 Masterclass with Reinhard Laubenbacher, director of the Center for Quantitative Medicine at the University of Connecticut (USA). Current interests in Dr. Laubenbacher’s research group include the development of mathematical algorithms and their application to problems in systems biology, in particular the modeling and simulation of molecular networks. An application area of particular interest is cancer systems biology, especially the role of iron metabolism in breast cancer. More info

The AIV Master is proud to announce its next Masterclass speaker, Claire Wyart, head of the “Probing Dynamic Sensory-Motor Integration in Spinal Circuits” team at the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM) of Paris and winner (among other prizes) of the 2016 EMBO-Young Investigator Award. Her group is interested in “understanding how specific circuits are recruited in the spinal cord to produce complex motor outputs”. She is renowned for her pioneer work with Optogenetics in neurons. More info

To inaugurate its 2018-2019 Masterclass series, the AIV Master is proud to announce its first Masterclass guest: Diego di Bernardo, lead of the Systems and Synthetic Biology Unit at the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (Italy) and coordinator of the European research initiative “Control Engineering of Biological Systems for Reliable Synthetic Biology Applications”. He has been one of the pioneers of the integration of Synthetic Biology with Control Engineering. His lab has also developed integrated experimental and computational approach to reverse engineer gene networks and for computational drug repositioning. More info

Next AIV Masterclass will feature Leonora Bittleston from MIT, to talk about evolution of micro-ecosystems in carnivorous plants! Join us on Friday 18th May at 11h!

For our next AIV Masterclass, we will have Mathias Kölle, group leader at the Laboratory for Biologically Inspired Photonic Engineering at MIT. Join us on Friday 16th February at 11h!

For the first 2018 AIV Masterclass, we will host André Maia Chagas from Tubingen University to talk about OpenHardware and OpenScience! See you on Friday 26th January at 11h!

The AIV team invites Prof. Pascale Cossart, head of the Bacteria-Cell Interaction unit at Pasteur Institute, to talk about her breakthrough discoveries in the biology of endoparasite infections. See you on Friday 8th December at 14h30!

For our October Masterclass, the AIV team presents Dr. David Kong from the MIT media lab, who will share with us insight into his research and career path. Come join us on Friday 6th October at 11h!

Our series of Masterclasses continues with Ingmar H. Riedel-Kruse from Stanford, who will talk about “Making Multi-Cell Patterns Interactive, Accessible, and Programmable: Biotic Games, Biophysics Cloud labs, and Synthetic Cell-Cell Adhesion“. See you on September 29 at 11h!

The first Masterclass of the year will be held by Professor Frances Arnold of Caltech, who is going to talk about “Innovation by Evolution: Expanding the Enzyme Universe“. Meet you on September 22 at 11h!

Urs Gaudenz of the GaudiLab will give a the last AIV Masterclass at Lunch of this academic year on June 30 at 13h. He will talk and demonstrate the OpenDrop and Dropbot.

Calin Guet of IST Austria will give a special AIV Masterclass at Lunch on June 23 at 13h. He will engage the audience in a discussion around “Can Synthetic Biology Teach Us New Biology?

Danny Ducat from Michigan State University will give a special AIV Masterclass at Lunch on May 19 at 13h. He will talk about ‘Engineering Artificial Phototroph/Autotroph Consortia and Improving Their Robustness to Real-World Threats‘.

Marcel Salathé of EPFL gave a masterclass on April 18 on Digitial Epidemiology. More info here.

Yitzhak Pilpel of the Weizmann Institute will give a masterclass Friday 21 April a Errors and Edits in the Central Dogma. More info here.

The Thematic Workshop week organised by the AIV M2 students and the FdV PhD students will take place from 10-14 April 2017: 5 days, 5 themes. Find the full programme here.

Rumi Chunara (NYU) will be the speaker of the AIV Masterclass on 17 March at 11.00h, where she will talk about Living on the Edge: Performing Interdisciplinary Research

Rosalind Allen (University of Edinburgh) will grace the AIV with a Masterclass on 24 February at 11.00h, where she will talk about ‘Models for antibiotic action and the evolution of antibiotic resistance‘.

The first Masterclass of 2017 will be on 31 January 11.00h  with Eric Lauga (University of Cambridge) on Theoretical approaches for cell motion in fluids


The AIV Masterclass of 9 December is with Jacques Prost (Institut Curie) on The Physics of Tissue Growth.

The AIV Masterclass of 25 November with Christophe Clanet (LadHyX, École Polytechnique) on Sports Physics.

Philippe Marmottant from Université Grenoble-Alpes gave a Masterclass on 21 October 2016 on the physics of locomotion.

Image source: P. Marmottant

Ron Milo (Weizmann Institute) opened the first Masterclass of the academic year 2016-17 with his talk on Sugar Synthesis from CO2 in e.Coli