Why EdTech?


EdTech Master, answering your desires!

The EdTech Master is open to projects, ideas and desires. We give you the opportunity to nourrish them during one or two years with courses, workshops and internships. Read and learn why this master can help you to make it happen!

You want to create serious games?

You will attend a course on serious games. You will discover the very basis of the game pedagogy, its cognitive impacts and diversity. You will explore the existing games and you will have the opportunity to contribute to the IGAM4ER serious games competition. You will be able to increase your coding skills through several intensive workshops. During 4 interships you will put all that in practice with the developing teams associated with the CRI.

Serious games are not only designed for schools or classic knowledge. It is now a major issue for human ressources departments, collectiv health or research.

You want to try new ways of teaching?

Teaching needs invention at all time. The present days offer a deep modification of the teacher’s tools and the EdTech Master is a unique opportunity of discovering these new media (Courses on science communication, serious games, cognitive science or technologies for knowledge) but also of understanding what they change in our relationship with knowledge (Courses of philosophy, cognitive science and economy of education). The EdTech Master is also a place where you can meet other teachers and be accompanied in the creation of a curriculum.

You want to design a MOOC?

The core of EdTech Master is discovering the fundamental change of knowledge through digital technologies and especially MOOC. You will design tools for your specific use and thus explore the best ways to spread knowledge. Using cognitive science and curriculum design you will be able to ease learning process. You will learn to code and more importantly have access to a MOOC studio.

You want to design curriculum?

The EdTech Master is the perfect place to discover the whole lot of tools at your disposal as a trainer. They can be very concrete, such as serious games, digital and web technologies (Technologies to build and share knowledge) or even arduinos (Learning by doing). Or they can be conceptual such as active pedagogy, learning through games or learning through research. 4 Internships and many workshops about evaluation of pedagogy will give you the keys to understand what works and the time to do your own attempts with the support of an experimented team.