UE.1.6.3 — A Project-based Overview of Digital Humanities


This course is about actively discovering a field, by exploring the intersection of educational technologies and the Digital Humanities. The course comprises three 3-hour sessions. It is grounded in flipped classroom and Open Access methodologies. The students are fully considered as MA researchers who will learn by contributing to the course. The evaluation will be based on the engagement and production of the whole group.

Session 1 starts with a short, critical introduction to the Digital Humanities in France, in Europe and worldwide. Before the start of the course, students are requested to read and prepare comments on the materials which have been circulated (texts and links to websites or online contents). The session itself aims at clarifying the main issues through questions and answers, as well as focusing on the aspects most relevant given the background and interests of the participants. We will then agree on a simple collaborative framework and a theme. Building on the stimulating work done last year about Civic Technology in Wikipedia (see is a tempting idea, but counter-proposals may emerge.

In sessions 2 and 3, we will develop the contributions made by the students in between the sessions, as they gather information, share their ideas and shape them on the chosen platform. By the end of the course we will make sure that whatever knowledge or awareness is gained by the group actually turns into a common resource.

Teacher / Speaker


Format : 9h (3x3h)

Evaluation : based on the engagement and production of the whole group.

Language : English


First year students are automatically registered.