The two last Open Classes organized by the EdTech Master program for this academic year will take place on : June 1st, 18:30-20:00 in the seminar room  “NEUROSCIENCE FOR BETTER UX DESIGN IN THE GAME INDUSTRY” with MELISSA CANSELIET, UX & Neuroscience Specialist at UBISOFT   June 15th, 18:30-20:00 in the seminar room “WHICH INTERFACES FOR LEARNING?” with PIERRE DILLENBOURG, Director
Le Master EdTech du Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires est le premier diplôme en France qui vise à former les futurs acteurs du changement dans l’éducation, capables d’analyser les transitions de “l’Apprendre” dans notre société, aptes à devenir designers de formations dans des contextes pluridisciplinaires variés et à piloter des projets de transformation numérique dans des
Originally published on our Medium publication When we say that our students are the “actors” of their Master’s experience at the Center of Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI), this is not an empty word or a language element… Last weekend was one more proof of the dynamic and joyful involvement of our students for their topics
The EdTech Master Program aims at training creative and talented students to become the future change-makers of education by providing them with a global and strategic understanding of the digital transformation in education and to help them to design relevant and impactful projects. The program is built on interdisciplinarity, collaborative projects and challenge-based pedagogy and
YOUR FREE TICKET HERE We are used to say that “education is the only sector which is not disrupted yet”. However there are many actors, public and private, who innovate and invent new solutions to improve the educational system and the ways to learn and teach. Nowadays, the disruption in education is coming from everywhere.
This Open Class gives the opportunity to discover their first results and to discuss ways of scaling and adapting new educational initiatives to local contexts.
It’s starting tomorrow !  As co-chair of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), France will host its fourth OGP Global Summit 2016 in Paris from December 7 to December 9. The Partnership gathers today 70 member countries and hundreds of civil society organizations that promote transparency, citizen participation and democratic innovation. The OGP summit will involve 3000
En juin dernier Sophie Pène, fondatrice et co-directrice du premier master EdTech à l’université en France, intervenait à la French Touch de l’Education organisée par LearnAssembly et 360Learning à la Sorbonne à Paris. Dans cette intervention Sophie Pène revient sur la vision stratégique du secteur EdTech que nous développons au CRI, notamment à travers le
“Des smart toys pour aider les enfants exceptionnels à vivre une vie exceptionnelle” Mercredi 10 Février 2016 – 12:30/14:00 – CRI Paris – 1.04 > INSCRIPTIONS < Leka est un petit robot ludique conçu pour aider à stimuler les enfants rencontrant des troubles du développement (autisme, trisomie, polyhandicap…). Leka vient en soutien des éducateurs et
Last week, the master EdTech met with Tonee Ndungu, EdTech-preneur and founder of the first IT incubator in Nairobi, Kenya. And we’ve learnt our very first word in swahili : kytabu. That means “book” and this is the name of the startup founded by Tonee in 2012. The concept ? Providing children and students with affordable, relevant,