Stigmer : light the way – GLASS 2016

Stigmer : light the way – GLASS 2016

By In Uncategorized On October 20, 2016

Team : GLASS 2016 students

Enter the maze… Stigmer : Light the way is a cooperative & procedural exploration game. Players wander through an immense maze, and have to find three relics to find its exit. They try their luck only one at a time, with a very limited lifespan, and have no way to defend themselves from the various dangers that await them: they can only communicate with each other. …And help each other! Each time a player visits the maze, she leaves traces everywhere she goes, giving hints on the paths she took, the dead ends, and the dangers on the way. The players coming after her will be able to see and follow these paths as they want.

This game was made in one month during the Game Lab Summer School 2016, organised by the Gamelab of the Center for Research & Interdisciplinarity of Paris.

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