Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires

NightScience is a FREE and OPEN event organized by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (CRI in Paris).This event gathers each year researchers, hackers and education innovators to share their approaches and experience on building new ways to achieve better knowledge construction and transmission.

NightScience 2015 invites you to reflect on “Equitable Access to Scientific Research and Education” in the light of Low Cost Technologies and Frugal Innovation.

NightScience 2015 will be held on the  10th and 11th of July 2015 at the CRI, 8-10 rue Charles V, 75004, Paris.


Why “NightScience” ?

“Science has in fact two aspects. Day science involves reasoning as articulated as gears, results that have the strength of certainty. Aware of its style, proud of its past, sure of its future, the science of days advances in the light.

Night Science, on the contrary, wanders in the dark. It hesitates, stumbles, falls. Questioning everything, it is searching itself endlessly, combining, associating myriads of hypothesis, assumptions still in the form of vague hunches, projects barely taken shape.

Nothing guarantees its successes, its ability to survive the tests of Logic and experiments, but sometimes thanks to intuition, instinct and the will to discover, as a lightning it illuminates more than a thousand suns…”

– Taken from François Jacob, The Statue Within.

July, 10th - 11th 2015

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