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The Dog project

The dog project aims at gathering physiologically relevant data on pets in order to develop kids enquiry based reasoning as well as curiosity which are essential skills to acquire. Through technological devices, such as enhanced dog collars and other applications, kids are[...]

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Replicative ageing of unicellulars

Bacterial ageing: expanding observation window till death Ageing, defined as a decrease in reproduction rate with age, is a fundamental characteristic of all living organisms. Recent work in our lab identified and quantified aging in E. coli, where cells progressively[...]

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Team: Raphaël Goujet Past: Guillaume Laruelle, Benjamin Brogniart, Helena Shomar, Armella Leung Hero.Coli is a biology-themed adventure game being developed at the CRI. It is designed to help discover and learn about synthetic biology. In the game, the player controls[...]

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Special issue on learning and creativity in citizen science

We are happy to announce that the Human Computation Journal has published a special issue dedicated to the results of the citizen Cyberlab Project. Citizen Cyberlab was a european research project piloted by Ariel Lindner and coordinated by Jesse Himmelstein[...]

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OpenClass EdTech #9 – Innovative Education: Scalability and Culture

This Open Class gives the opportunity to discover their first results and to discuss ways of scaling and adapting new educational initiatives to local contexts. [...]

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Poste administratif RH et Base de données – Ecole doctorale FdV au sein du Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires

Vous souhaitez acquérir une première expérience dans le domaine pédagogique et des ressources humaines. Vous êtes sérieux(se), organisé(e) et vous avez un bon relationnel. Au sein de l’équipe de l’Ecole doctorale FdV, vous participerez activement à l’activité de l’Ecole à[...]

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